Sunday, January 30, 2011

I'd like to thank The Academy... I mean, the Screen Actor's Guild...

Ah, the SAG awards. The Golden Globes’ slightly less popular cousin, aired on TBS between bad movies. Ryan Seacrest didn't even show up for E!'s preshow. So why did I stay glued to my couch throughout the entire show with the vigilance that many Americans reserve for the Super bowl? Or at least the Oscars?

I have an embarrassing confession. I LOVE awards shows. The fashion, the interviews, the funny, unscripted moments… Yes, I am a huge nerd.

While I could go on forever about who was robbed (Mad Men) and what they got right (Colin Firth, one of the most brilliant and underrated actors in the industry), I’ll stick with sharing my opinion on the fashions of the night.

My Faves:

Mila Kunis- This red Alexander McQueen dress was STUNNING. Her laid-back hair, make up, and lack of jewelry pulled together one of the most dramatic and well-received looks of the evening.

Claire Danes- She’s always on point. This Louis Vuitton gown was a gorgeous choice. I want to hate her for being married to the gorgeous Hugh Dancy, but she’s just too darn likable.

Jennifer Lawrence- Lawrence’s hot pink Oscar de la Renta gown was one of the evenings more controversial choices, mainly because of the dramatic black belt cutting it in half. At first I was uncertain, but when I noticed the slit that showed off her gorgeous black shoes, I was convinced. It was a bright, fun, age-appropriate choice for the twenty-year-old Winter’s Bone actress.

Dianna Agron- The Glee star has consistently gotten it right so far- she always looks elegant and timeless. From the spectacular Carolina Herrera gown she rocked at the Emmys to this Chanel Haute Couture, she always seems to be channeling Grace Kelly. Or at least Claire Danes.

Amy Adams- How is it possible for a redhead with skin that fair to wear white??? Amy somehow pulled it off. Also, I love her “dressy ponytail.”

Nicole Kidman- I’m a huuuuuge fan of Nikki Kidman, especially now that her forehead is moving again. This dress is uber-classy, as is her jewelry, hair, and make up.

Also looking great: Hillary Swank, a very preggers Jane Krakowski, Sarah Hyland, and…. wait for it…. Tina Fey! Apparently The Great Liz Lemon has finally hired herself a stylist, and she looked better than ever in a bright red Oscar de la Renta with flawless hair.

Although you can only do so much with men's formalwear, a couple of actors did manage to stand out. One was John Krasinski in midnight blue Prada (While looking for pictures, I came across an article with the title,  "John Krasinski Wears a Suit So Well We Decided It's Newsworthy." I couldn't agree more.) Jon Hamm looked great in… well, I missed who he was wearing, but I think everyone agrees that he looks quite dapper.

Can't wait till the Oscars!

"My New Year's Resolution is to get MORE attention by any means necessary." - Kelly Kapoor

For the past three years or so, I've been "meaning to" start a blog. I majored in journalism and I love to share my opinion on plenty of (mostly) superficial topics, so what better outlet for me?

I have no idea what most of my entries will be about, but I have a feeling it will take me a while to find my niche. Those who know me best won't be surprised to hear plenty about fashion, music, and all things pop culture related. I'm sure I'll also be including various insights and anecdotes featuring my hilarious and brilliant friends.

I also have to include a quick thanks to one of my favorite people, Miss Erin Edwards, for nagging me for the last several months to start this blog. When the sponsors start bringing in the big money, I'll be sure to send you a Target giftcard to show my appreciation.