Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Wish List

Like most of my fellow Washingtonians, I am beyond ready for spring. Right now it’s 40 degrees and rainy. I miss walking around without a massive coat on, outdoor dining, and spending time on the awesome roof of my building. Until the weather warms up, I will keep my spring state of mind by focusing on (what else?) the fashion….

Some things I’m obsessing over for spring:
Since she already has a closet of amazing clothes, can you send this to me, Lucky Mag??
This amazing Marc by Marc Jacobs dress (which I will never own, because it is $728)
The April issue of Lucky mag showcases the adorable Zooey Deschanel totally rocking this dress from the spring 2011 collection, which embodies pretty much everything I love about spring fashion: polka dots, a poufy skirt, and an aura of unapologetic girliness.


Wedges. Lots and lots of wedges.
While it may be tough to pack away my favorite boots for several months, summer shoes make it all worthwhile. From laid-back Rainbows to strappy sandals, I never get tired of summer footwear options. Wedges have a special place in my heart, though, for their ability to make me four inches taller without wanting to saw my legs off at the ankle two hours later. I am forever indebted to the genius who came up with the wedge, the magical shoe that allows me rock fab footwear while walking miles around the city. Also, they go with EVERYTHING.

large product image
Shoes by Miu Miu
So far my spring purchases have included a bright red spring trench, two Kelly green dresses (yes, two, but they look totally different), and a printed skirt in multiple shades of blue. Right now I’m obsessed with anything bright yellow, purple, or green. Most of the black and gray in my overstuffed closet are ready to be packed away until next fall. Bring on the brights!

kate spade new york "Franca" Cat Eye Sunglasses
Kate Spade sunglasses

Cat Eye Sunglasses
I once worked at a Sunglass Hut for six months just to take advantage of the discount (true story). A dramatic pair of sunnies may be my favorite accessory. This spring, cat-eye shapes are HUGE, and the perfect homage to vintage style.

I could go on, but I'll stop here. I'll make it through the next few cold days (hopefully not weeks) with a lot of online window shopping. So the next time I'm on facebook and notice my friends in the South posting about how they're "heading to the pool," I'll try to contain my jealousy. Maybe with a new pair of shoes.

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  1. what do you think will go with my PINK HAIR?